Creating your own SMS / Email Templates

This guide will show you how to create your own SMS and Email templates within SalonIQ and send them to clients

Make sure that all your communication send from SalonIQ is how you'd like it, with the correct spelling and grammar. 

Any that have been created from SalonIQ you are able to edit. If you would like to use a SalonIQ template but need to change some of the wording you can copy it and then make your edits and save. 

Create an SMS template

To create your SMS/Email templates, go to main Menu > Settings > Templates > here you will see a list of all the current templates you have. 

Screenshot 2022-02-11 at 16.03.01

Click on Add to add a new template, or click on Copy existing if you would like to change one that SalonIQ has created. 

When adding a new template, you will see a Name field which needs to be completed, this is the name of the template. 

Type is whether you are creating an email template or SMS template, click on the arrow next to type to view a drop down menu and select the one you would like. Then you are ready to create your template. 

Screenshot 2022-02-11 at 16.04.10

Merge fields

Merge fields are a great way to personalise your SMS or Email, to do this right client within the body of the text/email and select the merge field of choice. 

We have the following merge fields available to you;

Client First Name - First name of your client

Client Surname - Last name of your client

Booking Date - Date of your clients appointment

Booking Day of week - Day of your clients appointment i.e. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc

Booking Time - Time of the clients appointment

Recommendation Link - When using SalonIQ E-comm solution, and product recommendations are being added into the client record card, you can send your clients to your E-comm shop for them to buy with you online

Feedback Link - This link is generated by SalonIQ asking your clients to leave you feedback

Payment Link - This link will direct your clients to a payment screen, asking them to pay the deposit amount of their bill

Booking Details - Full details of your clients appointment

Salon Name - Will display your salon name

Salon Phone Number - Will display your salon phone number

Client Points - Will display your clients points balance if these are active and being used

Remember to click save before you leave the template creation window. The template will then show with all your other templates.

Once you have your templates created you can then choose your template from the Client record card > Send SMS area > Choose template > Select template you would like to use.

Screenshot 2022-02-11 at 16.46.47The SMS will then show, along with the number of characters being used, once you are happy with the message you can click on Send

Screenshot 2022-02-11 at 16.48.27

Copying a Master Template

You have the option to use any of the templates that SalonIQ have created, all you need to do is click on Copy Existing > Select the template > Edit the template if required > Save

Screenshot 2022-02-11 at 16.58.14-1

See screenshot below of the templates that you can choose to copy, all the templates within your account will show here.

Screenshot 2022-02-11 at 17.03.23Selecting and Sending an Email Template

To send an email to a client using your email templates, go to the client record card > Click on Send Email > Click Choose Template > Select Preferred Template > Check you are happy and then click Send

Screenshot 2022-02-11 at 16.50.33

You can view your SMS / Email history from the clients record card.

Screenshot 2022-02-11 at 16.55.45

If you have any questions regarding SMS and Email templates please email or call 01892 28123 opt.1